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Sunday Morning Coffee

Photo Shoot...Stella's Blue Sky Diner

We've got a client, Calcium Products, who has used a "Flo" character as a "spokesperson"CP_6x10LowRes over the past several years.  It's an image that has worked and people remember, perhaps because it is so different.  That's "Flo" in a typical ad piece.

We needed to do some new images so I made a phone call to Stella's Blue Sky Diner of Urbandale and visited for a bit with Carrie...the owner.

During the conversation, asking permission to come in and do a shoot, I also asked about business, "It's OK", said Carrie.  "The economy hasn't helped much but we're doing OK."  I asked her about social media.  She said she had a "MySpace" account, "The kids set it up and we do some other advertising."

She may or may not know about the power of Twitter or Blogs...but when we go in to do the shoot, I'll spend some time sharing the message and perhaps help set her up.  Hey, it's what we do...and because Stella's Blue Sky Diner is so cool...they deserve it.

I think I have a new project...