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Sunday Morning Coffee - October 11

Sunday Morning, a great time to grab a cup of coffee and visit.  Not alot of advertising and marketing advice just a brief look at the past week and the items coming up.  So, grab a cup of "Joe" and spend some time over "Sunday Morning Coffee".Coffee Cu ps

Move over New York and Hollywood...the World Food Prize event comes to Des Moines this Wednesday.  A decade ago about 150 people attended.  This year there will be 800 folks from all over the plant in Iowa to discuss ending hunger and award people like Gebisa Ejata from Purdue and recognize folks like Bill Gates for he and Melinda's gifts of $1.4 billion to the cause.  Here is the article from the Des Moines Register.  It's big stuff.Return of the News Stand

Speaking of the Des Moines Register, I caught this scene last week on the way to the radio station for our business show, Insight on Business.  Just 100 yards down the Skywalk was this booth with a couple of cheery Register staffers giving out papers and hawking subscriptions.  In a way it was like the return of the old news stand...we'll that's a stretch...but they were where the people gather.  It's said that some 16,000 people a day walk these halls.  Another reason we located Des Moines Local...LIVE (our radio station) in this area.

This past week President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize and that has had my Snow Oct 10 conservative friends in a froth.  In talking about it yesterday, I'm of the opinion it has more to do with "hope" than anything else.  It also puts a ton of pressure on.  We'll see...   Oh, it also snowed here this past week!  SNOW in Des Moines before the middle of October!  One wag suggested that both of these events are somehow connected to....the end of the world.

The federal trial of Shalom Rubashkin is set to begin this week in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Rabbi Rubashkin, until a federal raid, managed Agriprocessors of Postville, Iowa the nation's largest kosher meat facility.  Over the past year I've visited with Shalom many, many times...he often is in Des Moines and when here attends services at Beth El Jacob.  Is he guilty of what the feds say he done to rack up 1,950 years in prison?  I don't know...but the way he has been tried in the media would make you think he is some sort of a monster.   He's not...  He is a very devoutly religious person who is both kind and smart.  At least that's the view from here.  We'll see.  The trial is scheduled to last four to six weeks.  Here is the latest article from the Des Moines Register and writer Grant Schulte. Iowa State Savings Bank

On Monday I get to be in Creston, Iowa doing a seminar on social media for Iowa State Savings Bank.  We were contacted by Karla Hynes to come and spend the Columbus Day morning teaching groups of employees about the impact social media has had, and will have, on business.   I love teaching and as you know we were early adopters of social media at a time when many ad agencies thought Technorati Tag was something Japanese kids did on the playground.   This will be fun...and I'm looking forward to the adventure.  (And it means that I'll not be hosting the radio show on Monday...still working on a guest host.)

Speaking of Creston, my friend Angela Maiers has been teaching teachers there for several weeks.  She is amazing...and if you are school board or school administrator and want to put some extra zing into teaching...make contact with her.  She gets it.  The lifelong learning thing you know...Van meter schools dsm register

Speaking about schools...did you hear about the Van Meter School District and the jump they are giving their students when it comes to technology.  Rather than putting money in bricks and morter they are spending $600,000 on technology.  The school of the future?  Here is the story.

Hey, it's nearly 7 gotta get this out.  Thanks for reading and responding.  Enjoy your Sunday!

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