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Sunday Morning Coffee - October 18

Sunday Morning...the perfect time to sit back and visit about the past week and look forward toCoffee Cu ps the next.  Not a bunch of advertising and marketing news...we'll get back to that tomorrow.  Grab a cup...and let's share some thoughts during Sunday Morning Coffee.

Des Moines, Iowa was the "Center of the World" this week with the World Food Prize events.  An exciting week filled with speeches and hope that the one-billion people who go to bed hungry...will, through technology and the realization of human dignity, diminish.  Iowan's can be proud and hopeful.  Our current Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Bill Northey (a Republican) had great things to say about the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack (a Democrat) during our radio show last week.  See...there is hope.

Brooke Talking about the radio show, Insight on Business, I'm out of the chair Monday and Tuesday of this week.  However, we've now got a seasoned marketing and media person to take those days when I'm traveling or with clients.  Brooke Benschoter will be in the "hot seat".  We introduced you to her last week.  I'm grateful she has accepted this role and I know you will be in good hands.  Thanks Brooke!

Wizard I've been asked to lead a Social Media Session next month at the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA) annual meeting to be held in Atlanta.  Looking forward to helping shortline equipment manufacturers learn more about connecting with folks who are their current...and future customers.  We'll show them how they can, with little more than an investment in time, become more than what they are today.  We'll explain the power and then help them set up their own accounts.  Explain how to use social media and still stay sane. Thanks for the invite....there will be sorcery afoot in "Hot-Lanta".  More to come.Terry Branstad

Former Governor of Iowa, Terry Branstad, announced his "retirement" from Des Moines University on Friday moving one step closer to formally entering the gubernatorial race already filled with Republican names.  Is Governor Chet Culver worried?  He said this week there are 400 days until the election and, "any number of things can happen."  But running against a (4 term) 16 year, popular former governor?  At the same time the Democrats can't wait to get at the Branstad record.  One can't govern that long without making some serious enemies.  400 days...

Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield sent out over 90,000 postcards to senior citizens this week apologizing for a brochure that went out earlier asking seniors to call at 800 number that, by mistake, was a sex chat line.  We shared that story with you on Wednesday and  received a copy of the postcard wording from Wellmark corporate in an e-mail.   It seems the phone number may have been a "rented" number...that over the course of time was rented to the porn site.  At least that is the story we're hearing.  Still...  But at least they owned up to the error.  Yikes, what a costly mistake to the brand.  But remember, 

If you are in Des Moines and you love pets the 10th Annual Great Iowa Pet Expo is atSpotGone_LOGO_Feb_25-lores the Iowa State Fairgrounds today.  It's a great time for kids and adults.  And, while you're there visit with the guys from SpotGone! they can tell you how you can get off the "chemical express" when it comes to your lawn.  The company is NatraTurf and SpotGone! is just one of several natural, organic products designed to treat the soil...first.  Do your part for the environment...starting with your lawn.  And cities and towns....what do you think about truly becoming "green"?  It can happen...with NatraTurf.

Somebody pinch me...the Iowa Hawkeyes are 7 and 0.  IF they win in East Lansing this Saturday and go to 8 and 0 it will be the first time the team has done that...ever.  At least since they have been keeping stats...which was back in the late 1800's!Hockey Man

Staying on sports for a moment...  Des Moines is STILL without professional hockey.  No Iowa Stars, No Iowa Chops...and many of us are in a very, very deep funk.  My whole mood is poor.  My winter days must now be fueled by...what?  I look anger issues... Yikes!!   My friend, HA Gross from Plaza Printers who is a HUGE Detroit Red Wings fan, suggests that we simply move.   But, really want to go to Detroit??????  Not sure I could head back there...  I'm sure it's changed...yikes!

Plaza PrintersCUDOS to Mr. Gross and Plaza Printers for saving our butts!  I went to pick up a banner a client of ours ordered.  It was to have been done on Friday.  However it wasn't and worse the company said they had shut down production for the 3:15PM.  I called HA and within two hours I was holding a beautiful four-color 9' x 3' banner, fresh off the press.  You rock gang!

OK...enough...thank for reading and give us a comment or two?  Have a great Sunday and let's meet up again on Monday for some real advertising and marketing information.

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