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Sunday Morning Coffee - October 25

Sunday morning, time to grab a cup of coffee and talk over the events of the past week and look forward a bit to the coming seven days.   Not much advertising and marketing news today...just a visit.

Iowa Wins!  Now THE University of Iowa is 8 - 0 first time in school history.  An exciting final two seconds.  Whew............

Friday I attended an event called Highlight Midwest.  135 business start-ups,Highlight Midwest entrepreneurs and "tech-geeks" registered for this gathering held at the Des Moines Social Club.  The presenters did their work in small groups with up to four presentations going at the same time.  It was...interesting, grungy, and hopeful.  I went to watch and learn and see what it would be like to be the oldest guy in the room.  And, I was until Senator Chuck Grassley strolled in.  Senator Grassley isn't a stranger to these type Silicon News of events.  (Twitter in hand he is admired by this group of 30-somethings and I think the feeling is mutual.)  Look for more of these events as young, very bright, people attempt to build technology businesses from...ideas.  One such start-up is Silicon Prairie News - something for the "creative class".

Last week I "went off" on Governor Chet Culver's office.  Here is that story.  This weekend I got to thinking about Michigan. Governor Jennifer Granholm presides over a state with 17% unemployment and a budget train wreck.  It's much worse than Iowa.  Yet, Granholm is "out there" talking to the folks in Michigan and using technology @GovGranholm to reach voters. While her approval rating is hovering around 40% we're thinking her communication efforts keep her from dipping lower.  We'll see, but our wish is that the staff in Governor Culver's office step aside and quit filtering his message.  (Gov. Granholm is not running due to term limits.  I erred in saying she could be re-elected during the radio show on Friday.)

It's all your fault!  Or so hints Electrolux.  The Swedish company is closing two Iowa plantsMexican Flag and cutting 850 jobs over the next year.  It seems that YOU are not buying enough washers and dryers so they are closing shop in Iowa and taking the manufacturing to Mexico.   Ahhhh...let's in Mexico they will be making fewer washers and dryers or cheaper washers and dryers?  Won't matter to the 1,850 Iowans who have lost Electrolux jobs since 2006.  Maybe if Iowa workers were paid $10 a day they might stay?  Adios is the story from the Des Moines Register.

I'm feeling a bit "snarky" this morning...

Is saying, "illegal aliens" hate speech?  That seems to be the notion among many.  "They" tell me we should be saying, "undocumented workers".   But the question remains, "Is the person here legally or illegally?"  Are they "working" or "not working"?  Are they native to this country or "alien" to this country?  I'm no "Rush" fan...but can somebody explain this to me?  Honest...I'd like to try to understand.

Tax groceries?  In Iowa there is no tax on groceries.  Some have suggested a 1% tax on food would, in a matter of months, correct the state's budget deficit.  Others have suggested Iowa should bring back "touch play" gambling, something the state pulled the plug on two years ago after the machines were placed nearly everywhere other than high school hallways.  Of the two...we'd opt for groceries.  But, it is an election year so expect more inaction than action.

Gotta leave on a positive note... 

This coming week a flurry of activity prior to heading to Atlanta for the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association Fall Meeting.  During a new session we'll be there to help members understand, sign up and start to use social media.  Should be fun.

Speaking of social media you can keep up with us by using Twitter - @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV for those of you in the rural world we also monitor @RuralLifeRadio.  A quick reminder of our daily business radio show, Insight on Business part of Des Moines Local...LIVE and on the air Monday - Friday starting at 12:30PM Central.

Thanks for reading...let's' stay in touch?