Everybody Makes Mistakes...Ask Wellmark
Sunday Morning Coffee - October 18

They Said It Wouldn't Work...

No doubt every pioneer has heard the same thing, "What are you wasting your time on thatit will never work."  I suspect that that fellow Gutenberg heard that line as did Edison, Marconi and those two brothers that that were Wright and took to flying...so long ago.

This is not to say we are in the "same league" but, pioneers we are.

When we started Des Moines Local...LIVE there were seven of us.  Today there are 50 broadcasters putting out some great live and local talk radio...more, in fact, than all the other talk radio stations in the market...combined. 

My latest "tip of the microphone" goes to Brooke Benschoter, wife of my friend, Dave Mowitz.  Brooke came in today to "learn the ropes" because she volunteered to be  my "official" fill in on those days I'm outta here. (Like Monday and Tuesday of next week) No stranger to the media (she spent years behind the microphone and camera and served as the Media Director of Drake University here in Des Moines) she will bring her knowledge and talent to Des Moines Local...LIVE and to Insight on Business...our daily show about marketing, advertising and consumer trends.  For those of you who know Brooke...and those of you who are about to learn...Here she is along with our newest friend Suzanne Hull from www.UnemployedinDesMoines.com 

Have a peak and meet, Brooke Benschoter