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Three Trade Show Requirements

Last week I was asked what are the top three things a company should focus on during WNLA pots their display experience at a trade show.  If you have listened to our radio show, Insight on Business, you've heard me talk about planning and follow up for a trade show experience.  All good info...but let's take a stab at this one.

In order of importance we believe you should focus on:

  1. Data - Collecting data at an open or closed trade show is king.  Why?  Because you can, with this data, expand the trade show experience into a customer experience by using some thoughtful marketing.  But...if you don't have the data on the consumer, good luck.  Collect as much data in as creative a way as possible.  For some industries there is an offer of an electronic program where the attendee swipes a card containing his/her information.  If offered...take it.  Remember, data is king.
  2. Distribution - Coming back to the office, plant or store with loads of left over marketing pieces isn't productive.  FIND a way to get your media into the hands of the attendees.  Let's say 5% look at the media.  You give away 1,000 pieces and you'll have 50 folks look at the data.  But, give away 5,000 pieces you up your numbers to 250.  Get the media in the hands of the creative.
  3. Listen - Far too often folks who "person" a trade who talk too much.  They are so "into" the sale they can't simply shut up and listen.  Listen to what the consumer "thinks" of your product or service.  Listen to why they would buy it.  Listen to why they would not buy it.  Then gather that data and make adjustments to your pitch or your product. 

OK...there you go.  Three things you should focus on at the next trade show.  Need help?  We're here.