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A Social Media Proof - Not WorthYour TIME?

Over the past few years we've encouraged our clients to use social media and digital marketing as tools in their advertising and marketing "tool chest".  During this same time period we have become more strident in telling people of the critical nature of using social media and accepting digital marketing.  But some of you just are not convinced...Closed building

But, We are right...and folks dodging digital marketing are dead wrong.  So wrong that we believe if you do not adopt some serious form of digital marketing you may as well head to the store, buy a board (2.5' x 3' should do) some paint (go ahead choose a color, red, yellow, black...) and a paint brush so you can construct your "Out of Business" sign.

Razorfish recently released a Study of social media and the Internet as it pertains to branding, brands and marketing.  If you have ever doubted what we've said in the past, perhaps this series of articles will get you to believe...  Over the next several days we'll highlight parts of the study and give our insights.

The study was done in August among 1,000 consumers from all across the country.  The responses were from a 50/50 mix of women.  The age group went from 18 to 55.  Annual income levels averaged $75,000.  Not to shabby a sample.

63% said they were hooked up to Broadband Internet.  That's about 200 million people.  How would you like .05% of that number?   Well, good luck if you don't have a vigorous digital marketing plan.  Why?

65% of the respondents said they had a digital experience that either enhanced or diminished their opinion of a brand. Hint:  If you have a first generation website or lacking information or something that looks...cheap.  Good luck making that impression.

Of that group that had a digital brand experience, get this:  97% said their experience influenced if they would purchase the product or service.  Yep, 97%.

Oh...and were they looking for YOU on the Internet?  Could be.  97% of the respondents reported searching for a product or service on-line. (No active website?  No way to reach you!)

More tomorrow...like how many folks do you think read corporate BLOGS?  Oh, never mind....that's a waste of time.  Right?  ;-)

Thanks for reading.  Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing and Communications.  Keep up with us on Twitter, @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV