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Back In The Dark Ages...

Remember the "dark ages"?  Those years before the Internet?  We had big "yellowKnight books" full of addresses and names and if you could figure out the category you could connect.  We had a choice of "where" to advertise and market ourselves.  If we wanted to break out of our "local trade area" we would buy all kinds of print, radio and television to push our brand.  And, sometimes, it worked.   Back then advertising agencies and corporate marketers would get to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building brand awareness.


Over the past five years new media has emerged to shed some light on the dark.  Following up from our series on "digital marketing" based on an August 2009 survey of 1,000 consumers across the age spectrum done by Razorfish we thought you might be interested in these numbers"

When building a brand you now have another tool for your toolbox:  Social Media and if you are not using are losing potential brand momentum.  Consider these numbers:

  • 97% of the respondents to the Razorfish Study reported increased brand awareness
  • 98% show increased consideration of a brand on social media;
  • 97% will likely purchase a product from the brand experience;
  • 96% may recommend the brand to a friend.

But, that is not all:  64% of consumers report making a first purchase from a brand because of a digital experience.

Do not tell me your on-line image does not matter.  Do not tell me this is "only for the kids". Do not tell me you are fearful of entering the "digital playground".  What you should fear is the dark ages...because if you stay there you will become...history.

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