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Sunday Morning Coffee - Nov. 8

Bob Schnell - Thank You...

I attended my first meeting of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association Bob Farm Show (FEMA) event back in 1997.   At that time Bob Schnell, the Executive Vice President of FEMA, had already been on the job nearly thirty-years.  Sunday, following a total of forty-one years of service Bob Schnell is retiring.

Over the years he has seen the ebbs and flows of the agricultural machinery manufacturing industry.  He has seen business come and go and some...come and stay.  If Bob Schnell is one thing he is steady.  In my years with FEMA I've not seen him, that's not to say he's not been...but with Bob he always looks, a little grumpy.

But that, I think, is the exterior.

I'm going to miss sparing with my friend Bob.  Doesn't matter if it's computers, marketing, advertising, social media, politics...Bob and I just don't agree.

But, I honestly like him.  He never waffled on his positions and I've always respected him.

BOB MARCIE He and his bride, Marcie won't have to fly all over the country to these meetings and events...and in a way, I'll miss that.  While we're stuck in some hotel in some city Bob will be on his boat wondering what store Marcie has selected for her next shopping trip.

Sail on Capitan...have a great retirement.  You know...the offer of a one-way ticket to Des Moines is still out there...we've got a river.

Stepping into the role of Executive Vice President of FEMA will be long time staffer and assistant, Vernon Schmidt (Who, by the way does have some Des Moines ties...;-)