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Barry Asmus at FEMA

FEMA Conservative? You Bet!

I'm at the annual meeting of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA) a trade group made up of short-line agricultural equipment manufacturers.  I've been a member for well over a decade.  The core group of this association is a mirror of rural, family owned businesses.  And, I'd suspect, 99% of them hold to very conservative ideals and policies.

From dire warnings about "public option" in health care to concerns over the "assassinationBarry-asmus of business expansion", which will be the topic of Dr. Barry Asmus of the National Center for Policy Analysis, we get a full dose.  His bio includes awards from the Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge.

I'm looking forward to the address by Dr. Asmus.  I suspect it will be the mantra of "less government" is "better government".  I'll let you know.  However, I am beginning to suspect that many of my friends in the organization are as uncomfortable with the current policies as they were with the policies under the previous administration.  The question might well be, of the national names in politics WHO might many of these business owners support?

I'll be asking that question as well...hang on.

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