Sunday Morning Coffee
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Flying With Cookies...

Took a trip this week to the Atlanta for the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association fall meeting.  Did I tell you I dislike flying?  You see, I'm old.  Old enough to remember whenMidwest Logo taking a flight was special.  The people dressed to take the trip.  The folks waiting on you looked professional and they were nice...  Today travelers look like refugees from Uzbekistan and the "help" look and act like left overs from some Soviet gulag.  OK maybe not that bad...but compared to the "golden age of flight".  Travel by air is a mess.

My office booked my flight to Atlanta on Midwest Airlines.  "Who?" I asked.  "They have airplanes?"

Was I surprised.  The crew was crisp, attentive and personal.  The aircraft was clean and actually smelled good. 

Cookie was the cookies that got me.  Yes, hot, like right out of the oven, chocolate chip cookies to die for.  Oy, the smell...the was

You see how little it takes to get me excited?  Fresh chocolate chip cookies and I'm all over it.

But the real difference was the people.  They conversed with us, they smiled, they actually seemed like they enjoyed shuttling refugees from place to place.

One more thing.  Who ever is doing their PR...hire them.  The "in-flight magazine" had four letters to the company praising the efforts of various staff members from all over the country.  And, know what?  I think they were real...  Nice work.

So, bring it on...warm cookies, warm smiles and flawless travel.  Nice job Midwest Airlines....very nice.