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Social Media for FEMA?

Three friends came to Atlanta to tell members of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA) about Social Media.  Roughly 150 business people listened to Willie Vogt of Farm Progress, Tom Flynn and Josh Fleming from Lessing-FlynnMan Doubt , an ad agency in Des Moines, tell them about making sense out of Social Media.

I'm not sure it worked...I'll be able to let you know more following my session with them on Saturday.

I'm not sure it worked because while they were able to talk about it, they failed to show the power of social media.  I'd suggest that many in the audience would like to have you think they are from Missouri, "Show Me".  Show me what it looks like, how it works, how it can put me in touch with others.  Show me what people are saying about farming, farm machinery, farm safety, farmers.  Show me how to use it, show me how to set a Google watch on my company, my future.

Show me...

Part of the overwhelming trouble with doing social media events and having digital generation folks do the event is...a failure to speak the same language.   This event was OK...but I'm not convinced they picked up many disciples.  We'll see...on Saturday.

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