Bob Schnell - Thank You...
"It's Not What We Do." Why?

Sunday Morning Coffee - Nov. 8

Welcome to Sunday Morning Coffee a post about the week past and the adventures that await us in the coming days.  Not a lot of heavy advertising and marketing talk, just a few minutes spent over a hot cup of "Joe" on a lazy Sunday Morning...thanks for coming by.Donny and Vernon

If you've been with us this week you know that I've been in Atlanta at the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA) fall meeting.  These are the men and women who make the wagons, cutters, diggers, and augers.  These are the people who build small and large farm equipment.  For the most part they are not corporate giants like John Deere or AGCO but independent family businesses which are the backbone of rural manufacturing and jobs.  They are some great folks...and it's always a privilege to be with them.

Early in the week I wrote about Bob Schnell retiring after 42 years with FEMA.  Taking his Donny and Clyde Jones position is long-time FEMA assistant Vernon Schmidt shown in the photo above with Donny Jones of Belltec Industries of Belton, Texas.  Donny is one of the newest members of the FEMA Board of Directors following in his father's footsteps.  Clyde Jones was on the Board about the time that Bob Schnell was hired.  It's all in the family.  That's Donny and a proud father, Clyde at the reception Sunday.

It had to happen, I guess.  On Saturday the Iowa Hawkeyes were upset by Northwestern.  Once the doormat of the Big Ten, Northwestern has become Taylor Nov 7 a spoiler and a real issue for the Hawkeyes.  No matter how much our grand-daughter, Taylor, cheered it didn't work as Iowa suffers their first loss of the season, now 9 and 1 but still in the hunt for the Rose Bowl.  I told folks that the loss was due to me NOT being on the "sacred soil" of Iowa for this game.  OK, I'll take the heat.

Fort Hood...what can we say?  The issues are still being sorted out but mark my time we will be told that it is "our" fault that the shooter (Sorry, I can not even write his name.) did what he did.  WE made it troublesome and so he acted out...because  Watch.  In the meantime we share the nations collective sadness.  The next issue:  Will this be the "only" event of its kind?  We think not....

Our thanks to FEMA for allowing us to do a follow up session on training members in Social Media.  It was fun and we hope insightful to those folks who came by.  If we can help in the follow up, just drop us a  line and we'll do what we can to get you comfortable with SM.  Good luck to Myers Spring from Indiana.  Jim Parsons, John Brown and owner, Todd Miller stayed with us well past the close of the session to build more understanding.  And, a "tip of the hat" to Mike Kloster of Worksaver from Litchfield, Il. who stuck around well after others left.  You'll be a winner Mike!

Hey, guess what?  I wrote about Midwest Airlines, my flight to Atlanta and the warmCookies Midwest cookies delivered by a smart, stylish flight crew.   This week a box of cookies arrived at the office.  (Bet they are gone by now!)  The box came with a note that, in part said, "We just finished reading your post about the best care in the air and thank you.  We wish you the best on your future flights."  - Midwest Airlines  Again...amazed. What a nice touch.

We're back on the radio Monday afternoon with Insight on will be great to see and visit with everybody.  I understand we had some "tech issues" on Friday and we'll have to re-book our guest.  Not us this time...  Also, it will be wonderful to be back home.  Look forward to seeing my bride.  Been a long week.

Also, tomorrow meeting with our client NatraTurf on a number of new issues as we take their product to market on a regional level.  You guys rock!

Have a great Sunday and remember, you can keep up with us on Twitter, @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV thanks for reading!