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Sunday Morning Coffee

Sunday morning the perfect time to sit back, reflect a little and look forward to a new week.  So, grab a cup and let's catch up.  You did turn the clock back right?

It looks like there will be some sort of "public option" coming out of Washington.  As withMan money most compromise situations nobody will be happy.  But, with both sides scaring the hell out of my 89 year old mother...  I'll be glad when it is done.  Who wins?  Follow the money.

While I'm visiting about Mom...she went into a tail-spin last week when an insurance salesman called to tell her that the insurance she currently has is going to be discontinued after the first of the year and, "You had best buy our insurance, we'll be with you all the way."  Fact is that her insurance is not changing...why must you lie to old people...and young people?  Multi-million dollar CEO salaries are bad lying insurance agents?

Sometimes you've got to know who your friends are.  This week there was a flurry of activity and some great people were at the center.  Thanks and a shout out to Bindery One and Tammy who did a great job at the last minute.  Thanks and a shout out to Crown Trophy of Urbandale and Kathy who Stellas Crew Oct 09 also the last minute.  And, thanks to Carrie at Stella's Diner of Urbandale that let us use their place for a photo shoot for a new national ad campaign for a client.  Here is some of the staff who were working (L-R and you can click on the photo to enlarge) is Marissa, Kyle, Nick, Sam and Gabe.  Thanks for letting us borrow your eating place for awhile.

How 'bout those Hawkeyes! 9 - 0 and a crazy game against Indiana.  They never buckled but oh my!  Here is a quick story from The Des Moines Sunday Register.Combine Wet

Speaking of photo shoots...last week I found myself in a rainstorm, in a soybean field, in the mud...taking a series of shots focusing on the "Wet Harvest of 2009".  Rainfall in Iowa is about 4" over normal for October.  And how does that impact the harvest?  I heard the other day of a farmer who turned in corn that was at 31% moisture.  Normal is about 15%...oh my!  At that level it simply won't dry down.

And, wet corn means new threats like moldy corn and mycotoxins deadly to some critters.  I'm told that even if the moldy corn goes for ethanol production the microtoxins stick around in the DDG's which is often fed to animals.  Anybody know for sure? 

Last week I spent three hours with a client mapping out new products.  Country Vet Pet Foods is considering the launch of a new line of dog food.  Not a bad idea when you figure the pet industry will bring in about $27.5 billion in revenue for 2009.  Even with the recession that is an increase of 2.9% over 2008.   People love their critters...

Hawkeye Helmet Did I mention anything about the Hawkeyes now at 9 - 0?

This coming week I get to head to Atlanta for the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association Annual Fall Meeting where we'll connect with loads of friends in the shortline manufacturing business.  It's these companies that dot the rural landscape with factories that build the equipment used by farmers all over the world and employ thousands of folks in small towns and villages.  I'll also present a program on Social  Media and help members understand how to include it in their "marketing toolbox". 

In doing the radio show, Insight on Business, will be Brooke Benschoter, she rocks too!

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