A Social Media Proof - Not WorthYour TIME?

The Corporate Blog...

Continuing our discussion from the August 2009 Digital Marketing Survey byMan business doubt Razorfish that asked 1,000 Internet users about their on-line habits and how it relates to branding and business, we now turn to the corporate blog.

70% of the respondents (across all age groups) indicated they have read a corporate blog.  That number is higher than any newspaper and magazine advertising recall numbers I have seen.

Seventy Percent...

So why is it so few small business owners or even large corporations fail to see the value in a corporate blog?  It is too new, it's too scary and, "I just don't know what I would write about."  Really?  You mean you will let those tiny reasons keep you from communicating your story to the world?

There are three solid reasons why you should blog for business:

  • "Findability" is what we like to call it.  If you listen to me (or Mike Sansone) and write about your product, service, customers or life three times a week for three months you will increase your "findability" and page ranking.  Promise...
  • Conversation - Look, chances are you didn't, on the first date, walk up to your spouse and say, "Let's get married next month."  It took some conversation.  Some "getting to know you".  People still buy from people and if your target learns more about you, your product or service how more likely is it they will consider you...first?
  • Credibility - The business blog allows you to "link out" to surveys, white papers, other opinions that can boost the belief in your product or service while educating your target market.  You can not do that with print, radio or television.  Well you could but the cost would be out of reach.

Just do it...OK?  Get smart and get your message in front of more people than you might imagine...  70% is a very good number.

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