Marketing & Advertising 2010
Sunday Morning Coffee - January 3

Fire This Person...Today!

It's time to make a statement.  It's the final day of the year and a day that demands swift action.  IMan Fired want you to take a moment and tell me who this person is (answer below) once you identify him/her would you do your customers and potential customers a huge him/her.  Before the end of the decade!

Here are the characteristics of this "Employee":

  • He or She is a blockade, a "gate-keeper" keeping customers away;
  • He/She is often very sweet spoken...but impossible to communicate with;
  • He/She really doesn't want others bothered and so customers/clients are often given the "run around" and ignored;
  • He/She is not an asset to your business but a major liability.

Know who this is?   It is you....if you are using an automated program on your phone system.  Today I called three business locations.  A media company based in Des Moines, an insurance company based in Des Moines and a farmer membership company based in Des Moines.  I was able to connect with ZERO humans.  Zero.  I would name already KNOW who you are. better.  Why would you put barriers in front of your customers and clients?  Please tell me...please tell me why you would not FIRE this "employee":  In the name of everything holy....stop.  Having "automated answering" is like telling your customers you don't give a damn.  Please stop putting barriers in front of your customers and clients.  You exist because of your customers...don't hide from them.   And if you decide to keep your current method of "communication" deserve to go out of business...the day after tomorrow.  Hello...anybody there....

I'm waiting....