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"No Guts?"

Less Is MORE

Those of you who follow us know that we've long held to the idea that "Less is More" when it comes to print, electronic and visual advertising.  There is nothing worse or more of a turn off than trying to cram 45 seconds of copy in a thirty second radio or television ad.  Beyond  being silly it turns off the consumer.  And, if they don't "get it" why did you spend the money?  Same goes for print ads, blogs and even business invitations.  Stop alreadyCalcium_Products_tradeshow_display-small with all the garbage!

This week we ordered this trade show booth for our client Calcium Products.  It's 20' long and, if you count the number of words on the display you will get all the way to...SEVEN.

What is the message?  Ag yield is critical and how do you get there?  The soil!   And, we used a familiar "spokesperson".  At trade shows you have less than 2.7 seconds to make an impression and even less than that on billboards.  So this makes sense.

Critical Reality:  The display doesn't "sell" that is the job of "salespeople".  The reason we have displays is to lure folks to the facts.  So...please stop being verbose and engage your customers with people.

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