Tick, Tick, Tick...
Fire This Person...Today!

Marketing & Advertising 2010

It's nearly the end of the decade.  In less than 48 hours we get to say goodbye to a yearBoard Room and a decade that has had it's share of ups and downs.   Remember when "everybody" was flying high and nobody could make a mistake?  Now we are second and third guessing nearly everything.  For many the focus isn't on the next year...but the next quarter.  For many the focus is on the short; we've taken our eye off the long term.

It will prove to be deadly in the long run.

I started work this morning at 3:30 doing some marketing overviews for a client.  We started this process a week ago and while putting the final touches on the document I realized that we tend to look at a much larger picture than our clients.  Perhaps it's because we're not as close to the battle...or because it's our job to look to the future in a very broad sense.  It's our job to know the trends and the consumer demand.  It's our job to...think.

So, how about you?  How do you think?  Think we're nuts?  Are you searching for a long term solution rather than a short-term fix?

Do your company a huge favor.  Spend the next 48 hours...thinking about the next 48 months...

Thanks for connecting, reading and communicating.