What's Old Can Be New Again - Retail, You Watching?
What Do You Expect?

Playing To The Base

Last month a client of ours came back from a trade show in an industry weWoman Love You recommended.  Their response:  "WOW!  These people get it!  They understand what we are saying, what we are selling and who we are.  We need to spend more time here."

Oh...how right he is.  You see....THEY already "Love YOU and get the message!"

Last month I wrote:  "Who do you listen to...and who should you listen to?  It's a solid question for any business.  Last week we talked about the 10% of customers across all categories and how they account for 55% of business profits.  Do you spend your time listening to your "super consumers" or do you spend time listening to "everybody else"? " You might be surprised at what we think.

Play to the base.  That just might be your answer for 2010.  Here's what I wrote in November:

Look, you can spend loads of time, money and effort attempting to turn public opinion and try to make your non-consumer a "casual consumer" and hope (with more money and time) that you can turn them into a "super consumer" but...unless you've got plenty of "time" and "money"....

So...identify the base, play to it and listen to it.  Then...build out to attract others.  It's much more productive...and rewarding.