Sunday Morning Coffee - December 13
Go BEYOND Customer Service for 2010

Social Media Burn Out?

I feel your pain.  No, honest.  With Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo and your Business's too much.  Right?  Here are a couple of brief ideas to help you out and get youMan Pain "back in the game".

  • Unfollow Folks - I honestly don't have time to read quotes from General Grant so when I see that stuff...gone.  I also don't want to learn the "secrets of Twitter" or "Make Money From Your Living Room".  Gone..gone...gone. 
  • Use Lists on Twitter - I've got folks I follow in Des Moines and in Iowa.  I have ag folks, city folks and folks in the pet industry.  I have business teachers and friends.  By using lists I can better break down the who and what.  Try it.
  • Thirty-Minute Think Tank - When writing your business blog the best time to think of what you're going to write isn't when you fire up the laptop.  Spend 30-minutes a day thinking of what you want to share with people.  Take notes and review.  This doesn't mean great business blogs won't just "come to you" but using some time to think...helps.
  • Link Out - You don't always have to come up with your own content.  Maybe somebody you follow has just put out a great post.  Share those ideas with your readers, customers and consumers. 
  • Carry a Camera - You would be surprised at what you can "see" when you know you can capture it in a photo.  Flip Video is also very cool...  Record the moment and let the images tell a story.
  • Stay Active - I know it's tough.  I blog daily but...I'm nuts.  If you stick to a schedule of three times a week...every week you'll start to see results.  Honest...

Best advice is to get started and keep going...reach out, listen and learn.  It's an amazing world.  What do you think?