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Sunday Morning Coffee - December 13

Ahhh...Sunday Morning the perfect day to kick back with a hot cup of "joe" and catch up.  That's what Sunday Morning Coffee is all about...  Stick around for a visit?  We'll get back to business on Monday.Jov in the snow

The Winter Death Storm 09 blew through his this week and deposited 15+ inches of snow in the Des Moines Metro.  The winners?  The media that hyped this to the max getting loads of people whipped into a frenzy.  Minute by minute of storm tracking was even done by our friends at the Des Moines Register...  The other winners were those who took what they got and made something of the time.  (That's our grand-daughter Jovie...isn't she adorable?

Folks like Heidi Rockwell and her husband Sam who own Yumi's Bakery in Grinnell, Iowa.  The afternoon before the big storm I had, on our radio show Insight on Business, talked about using "snow days" to be creative and proactive.  When the snow came and nobody NOBODY came out to buy Heidi's' baked goods she remembered the article she had read on our blog.  She went to the phone and started calling motels along I-80 and offered them delivery service.  History was made that day as Yumi's Bakery had the biggest day in their history delivering to stranded motorists.  Thanks to Jack Mathews of Our Grinnell for the story!

Georgie Dec 10 Snow In another winter storm related story we remind you that your "good name" is valuable.  Jim Ericson works for Group Benefits Limited of Urbandale.  The company is owned by Brian Hewitt.  Jim doesn't own a snow blower.  This past Thursday he was ready for work but the snow trucks had buried his driveway.  He flagged down a guy driving a truck with a snow-blade and offered to pay him to clear out a path.  The truck driver asked Jim if he worked for Brian Hewitt, Jim was wearing his Group Benefits Ltd. jacket.  When the driver learned that Brian was Jim's boss he said, "I owe Brian one." and cleared the driveway for free.  As Jim wrote to his fellow workers, "You can be very proud of where you work and who we all work for.  Don't be afraid to brag about it.  You never know when you'll receive an unexpected benefit."  Neat...and remember to wear your company logo...if you are proud.

Today is the second day of Chanukah.  If you've always wondered what these eight days are is a link.  Enjoy.Editor and Publisher cover

Another nail in the coffin?  This past week Editor and Publisher ceased to exist.  The 125 year-old publication, known as "The Bible of the Newspaper Industry" decided to throw in the towel and stop printing.  Might it hang around in some form?  Perhaps...but it is yet another sign that things are  And if you are not making the serious changes in your business by increasing your digital footprint.  Well, you know that story.

If you are a LinkedIn user would you consider taking our Poll on "Holiday Closings"?  Many folks have and it's fun to see what people think about taking time off during the holidays.  And, if you've got a comment...feel free to leave one.

I uploaded UberTwitter on Friday easy.  Do you yet Tweet from your mobile device?  Just checking...

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