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Sunday Morning Coffee - December 6, 2009

Sunday Morning...that time of the week when we can kick back a bit, review and lookCoffee Cu ps ahead.  Grab yourself a hot cup of "Joe" and let's spend some time together over our sunday morning coffee..  As always, I'm really curious on your take about these stories that are not critical just interesting...let's visit.

This past Friday morning, starting at 6:30, we had a big crowd for the monthly meeting of The Central Iowa Bloggers.  It's a group of folks that started down this blogging trail several years ago.  We get together to help each other, share knowledge and visit about possibilities in business.  Tip of the hat to Mike Sansone the "Don" and more lower in this post.  I'm wondering if you, in your city, have anything like this where 25 - 40 people gather once a month to learn and help each other?  Do you??

Staying on blogging a minute. I'm still perplexed at this LinkedIn poll done by my friend Brent Pohlman.  Still 40% of the respondents update their blog "once a month", "a couple of times a year" or "Do not have a blog."  Are you kidding me?  This wouldn't be sooooo weird if it were not on the professional social media site, LinkedIn. So...nothing going on in these people's businesses, with their customers, their lives, their careers?  Strange.  Gov Culver

I like him...but he is in trouble.  Iowa's Governor Chet Culver lost his campaign director Andy Roos this past week.  That, on top of sliding popularity poll numbers and building momentum by the Iowa GOP, isn't good.  Sure it is early.  But, the really weird deal?  Last week I spoke to a guy from a national (right of center) group who played cards for several hours with the Governor.  He said, "Politics aside Chet Culver is a great, great guy."  This sentiment is repeated over and over again by people who know and meet the governor.  I've said it before...if the governors staff would get out of the way and let this guy loose...poll numbers would be different.  Politics is 50% personality..but, nobody is listening.

TRUCK My son's vehicle was hit three weeks ago during the mid-afternoon while parked in the street near his home.  It was a hit and run, seen by at least two people that got a partial plate number, described the green Jeep Cherokee and the damage to it as well as the driver and two passengers.  But the Des Moines Police Department can't find 'em?   I know this isn't CSI...but seriously?  I was told that they often don't start looking until the insurance company puts on the pressure.  Sooooo....the DMPD works for.....????

Insight on Business, our daily business radio show heard on Des MoinesThe_BEs Local...LIVE, is moving to FOUR days a week rather than five.  The daily grind of putting together a 90-minute show is getting to us.  And...because we close our offices at 3:00PM on Friday afternoons this will allow me more time to spend with our clients.  Taking over the Friday slot, starting this week, is the BE Girls...it ain't business...but it's fun. 

At CIB on Friday I visited with a very interesting film producer, Gwen Barker who has just transplanted from Chicago to Des Moines (something about a June wedding!).  We were talking commercial production and I mentioned $6,000 for a finished minute of top quality video and she said, "That's it?".  We're from different worlds...but it was a great conversation.  Also a shout out to my friend Mike Templeton from Catchfire Media.  Good stuff in the way of social media coming to Des Moines.

Last week I had a meeting with the folks from www.LotusMoments.com about expanding their marketing footprint.  Look for stuff coming down the line.  Great family owned company.

The Libbie Finally, and I am humbled, last night we held a gathering of the Des Moines Local...LIVE radio crew, nearly 60 people were in the room when J. Michael McKoy presented me with "The Libbie"and told the folks this would be an annual award for the best, consistent radio show on Des Moines Local...LIVE.  I know this isn't a big deal for many of you reading...but I was grateful.  And, to have an award named after...me?  Thanks, and seriously...thank you.

Catch you during the week?  Say with me on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV, visit our site, www.InsightCubed.com and yep, you can find us on Facebook.  Have a wonderful week!