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Sunday Morning Coffee....

It's our favorite time of the week.  A time to sit back with some friends and visit about what went on and take a peek forward.  Not so much business, we'll get to that tomorrow, today we're just sharing thoughts over Sunday Morning Coffee...

Here in Central Iowa it was the MAJOR WINTER STORM OF THE CENTURY...that didn't take place.  The "weather guessers" tried to get the population ramped up for, "...we could see up to 24 inches of snow in some parts of Iowa and..."  What did fall kept folks inside and off the roads on Christmas Day but that was OK with us!Middle Eastern Man

Sounds like somebody from "The Religion of Peace" attempted to bring down a Delta Air-Bus coming into Detroit.  Turns out the guy was on some "watch list".  "Oh, Mr. Abdulmutallab we see that you are on our list...to move up to First Class.  Right this way."   Look for "increased security on domestic and international flights".  Federal "rent-a-cops" with less training than mall security guards will now ban...everything.  Be prepared to see travelers in boxer shorts. "Is that a bomb or are you just happy to see me?"  Someday we'll get it right...ever flown out of Israel?  They get it, we don't.

I was told yesterday that devout Muslims circumcise their children (male...and sometimes female) at age thirteen.   Thirteen!    Now I understand why so many of them are angry...Kwanzaa Display

While I'm ticking off nearly everybody...this might be a good time to step into Kwanzaa.  This is a celebration created in 1966 (Yes,1966)  by Ron Karenga (Ronald McKinley Everett) to, "give an alternative to the existing holiday and give Blacks an opportunity to celebrate themselves and history, rather than simply imitate the practice of the dominant society."  Uh huh...  OK, so the holiday has changed it's meaning a couple of times since then but...seriously, a guy makes up a holiday and by 1997 we've got a postage stamp?   Happy Kwanzaa. (Is that the correct greeting?)

I do not know what's up...I'm just in a mood this morning.

Christmas Retail Sales (the real "reason for the season") may have, as the BBC stated, "proved surprisingly resilient".  The actual figures won't be released until January but buying in many areas was brisk.  We can only hope...not sure about you but we tended to spend less and be careful of the cost.  Up?  Down?  Flat?  We're betting on "flat" which is better than "down".  What do you think?

I spent much of Friday working on agency items.  Got loads of things done and caught up on some client issues.  I think it was the most relaxing and productive day I've had in some time.  And, we even got to sit down later in the day and watch the 1935 "Scrooge".   The effects were...well, effects.  Good times.Ken Root

OK..that's a wrap.  This week we start off Insight on Business with veteran farm broadcaster Ken Root who was recently released from WHO Radio.  The Clear Channel facility had to do some "cost cutting".  Is Ken bitter?  We'll talk about that and how you, the listeners, continue to get the short end of the stick as "bean counters" from some far off city make local programing decisions.  Is it any wonder radio is in such a sorry state?

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