A Test, This is ONLY a Test
Sunday Morning Coffee....

Taking This Seriously...

I spent much of Friday reading.  I read a host of short blogs on advertising and marketing,Golf Clubs picked up a Seth Godin book and then read over a couple of client marketing plans.   In between all of this I, like many of you, spent some time on Facebook, Twitter and did a short blog about using a FLIP.  (silly as it was complete with errors)   My bride and I watched a couple of classic Christmas movies and talked to the kids. In other words it was a productive day.

It reminded me of this story: 

A speaker was addressing a room full of health care administrators and asked how many of them had a hobby.  Nearly all the hands went up.   He then asked, "How many of you play golf?"  80% of the hands were raised.  Then he went on:

  • "How many of you watch golf on TV?"   - Majority of hands
  • "How many of you subscribe several golf magazines?" - Majority of hands
  • "How many of you have watched a video about golf this past year? - Majority
  • "How many of you have taken a lesson from a pro? - Majority of hands
  • "How many of you follow professional golf and a favorite?" - Yep majority.

Then he turned it around to their profession and asked the same questions:

  • "How many of you have read a current book on health care?"
  • "How many of you have watched a management video this month?"
  • "How many of you have been mentored by a national leader?"

As  you can imagine...not many hands shot up...not nearly as many people took their job as seriously as their hobby.

Why is that?