"No Guts?"
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The Poll...

This past week my friend Brent Pohlman from Omaha put up a poll on LinkedIn.  The question was "How often do you update your blog?"  While it's a pretty open ended question the results were startling.  Now, remember this poll is being asked on a professional social media site so we're not talking "newbees" when it comes to SM.  And to be fair not many have taken part...but still.

How can we explain the 22% who update their blog "a few times during the year" and the 11% who don't  have a blog.  In other words, 33% don't think much about blogging as a vehicle to expand a business name, product, service....their marketing footprint.


There must not be much going on in their work, life, business or with their customers, consumers...the world.

What do you think?