Sunday Morning Coffee....
Marketing & Advertising 2010

Tick, Tick, Tick...

Can you hear it?  Tick, Tick, Tick...2009 is winding down and soon the entire year will be aClock Close memory.  Something that history will gather into its ever welcoming arms.

So, before the clock strikes did you do?

Did you tell your spouse that he/she is loved?  Did you have to?

Did you communicate with "the kids"?  No, not talk to them...communicate.

Did you read a really good book?  Did you find yourself a teacher?  You know, somebody smarter than you to sit and learn with.  They are out there...and like to be asked.

Did you create?  Was it done on the first attempt or does it require some extra work before it is called a success?  Have you continued to spend time and talent on R&D or have you decided to quit?

What do you treasure?  Cherish?  Love?  There is a difference.

How was business?  No, not what you tell people at Holiday Parties.  How was it?   What can we improve?  Do you know? 

How's that "marketing thing" working out for you?   

How is the staff holding up?  What do they think of "the brand"?  Do they muster great words about the product or service...or are they punching a clock?  Do you know?  When was the last time you asked them?  Do you want to know?

What did you do for fun?  You know...just to be silly.

How about those business relationships?   Have you picked up the phone and called your best customers and asked them how to improve your product or service?  Did you talk to your competition?  How about you know them and respect their efforts?  What business relationships do you treasure?  Do they know?

How are you feeling?  Given that much thought?  Worried?  Calm?  Everything working OK?  Still have that fire in your belly when the alarm goes off?

We've got a couple of days before the end of the year....I was just wondering how you are doing...and what you really think.

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