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Too Busy for Social Media?

Maybe you've heard about what Google is doing with our friends at Twitter.  But, thenMan business doubt again, maybe not.  Here is the quick scoop.  Google and Twitter have struck a deal with "real time search".  In other words when you search for a product, service or business and IF there are "Tweets" being written about that product, service or business it will show up on your Google Search.

And that, my friends, could (or should) push you off the dime to get busy and protect yourself by using social media.  How?  By learning what is being said about YOUR product, service or business...or about you.

Here is a quick read by Mack Collier on the subject:  "No Place to Hide from Google Search"  Please read it and take action...  Remember, it's not "coming" it's here.

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