Playing To The Base
A Test, This is ONLY a Test

What Do You Expect?

Last night my bride came in the door and said, "Wow, wouldn't it be great if we could holdDecember Calendar this Christmas Spirit over into the next month and beyond?"  She then went on to share with me several stories about a grocery store trip where it seemed everybody was smiling and having a great time...even when they got bumped with a shopping cart.

It's the little things...and it starts with us.

People that know me will tell you I can be a "little intense" about nearly everything.  Maybe a little too confident and a little too demanding in business.  But, the reward is when I see our clients take our advice and run with it and have banner years even in light of a's what we expect.   Why?  Because that is what we do.  Our job is to help our clients understand how to better market their products and kindly as possible.  (Sometimes...)

How about you?  Can the "Christmas Spirit" and a demanding business lifestyle co-exist?  We think so...  I'd love to hear your thoughts.