Sunday Morning Coffee - December 20
Playing To The Base

What's Old Can Be New Again - Retail, You Watching?

I'd never seen the original Miracle on 34th Street.  (OK, so where have I been sinceMiracle on 34th 1947?)  For those of  you who have watched it...what 50 times or more...this is an admission, a retail observation and a call to go get the movie and watch the amazing business message on customer service.  

One man, Kris Kringle, changed the way retail service was done and moved Macy's from an "everything for me" attitude to "everything for the customer" way of thinking others followed and everybody prospered.

What a powerful message for these times.  Serve the customer FIRST and stand back to share in the profits.  Duh!

Old stories come back to make a new impact!