Sunday Morning Coffee - January 10, 2010
More Than One Tool...

Counting Chickens

As you know, I don't do this isn't that.  It is however, an observation at theBaby Chick Egg "Grass Roots Level".

The Des Moines Register puts out "Neighborhood Editions".  The one that came to our office this past Tuesday is called the Urbandale Register.  Above the fold there is this headline:  "Hotel/motel tax brings in less revenue".  Then, "Receipts are expected to fall $124,919 below what Urbandale city officials had budgeted."

A couple of truths here:  $124,919 isn't a bunch of money.  Oh, it is if you don't have it or if your funding is predicated on some budget number that now is short.  But...that is the real issue.

A reading of the article tells us the budget was prepared on....air.  "A large part of the shortage stems from a hotel chain's (Holiday Inn) decision not to build in Urbandale as expected."

Not sure about you...but budgeting on the "maybe of life" is scary.  Not the end of the world...but that old saying about "counting chickens before they hatch" comes to mind.

Sorry for being "so local"....