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Google Ranking vs. Social Media

There are hundreds if not thousands of people in my field and related fields that willWizard promise your business higher page rankings if you purchase their "SEO Magic" and advise you to buy ad words to promote your product or service.

For some that advice makes sense.  You can buy what they are selling and it's the easy way to make things happen...but we think there is another, more targeted approach that get's left out of the mix - yes...Social Media.

The SM approach takes longer and is more time consuming.  But remember when you started your business...your time investment was huge.  We used to call that "sweat equity".  It is the same with the new SM trend...but the pay off is huge.  A couple of points:

  • SM allows you to engage interested people in your geographic location; 
  • SM allows you to engage existing customers with "inside deals" and offers;
  • SM allows you the ability to have a conversation and "be real";
  • SM allows you the ability to LISTEN to what is being said about trends, about you and about your business/industry.

In addition SM will improve your page ranking IF you keep at it and IF you are offering interesting and provoking conversation...that is real.  Here is a test:   Do a Google search on your name. Now do a Google search on my name, Michael Libbie.  Go ahead, we'll wait.   (Jeopardy music playing in the background...)  What did you find?  And nope...we've never purchased an ad word...never.

In other words social media is another tool in the advertising and marketing "tool box".  We think it's time to pull it out...and use it. 

So, what do you think?

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