Sunday Morning Coffee - January 17, 2010
Let Your Emotion Loose

Haiti - Twitter - Business

This morning at 5:30 Central I saw the first Tweets about another earthquake shaking Haiti.  Nope...not from broadcast media, not from any news media site....Twitter.   Within moments "The Whale" appeared telling us that Twitter was over capacity.  In that time span more people on the planet heard and were telling others of what was going on then any news organization has viewers, listeners, readers...


Now, the elusive issue for your business is the ROI of Social Media...right?  I hear people whine on a daily basis that they don't, "have time" or they "have nothing to say" or "I don't know what to say".

Maybe it's invest a little sweat equity into your business and stop standing on the sidelines....watching the parade go by?

Social Media beats the news machines to the story time after time.  Maybe it's time to remove the word, "social"?