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Let Your Emotion Loose

For the most part business lacks passion.  Oh sure there is the exception to the rule.  There is always that small business person that goes through the day stoked and ready to take on the world and I've seen some passion in Board Rooms...but that's usuallyMan Amen personal.

I'm talking about corporate; large and small.

Business meetings...for the sake of having a meeting.  Future plans...spoken about in hushed tones.  Sales meetings...with mindless charts and graphs.  Marketing plans loaded with data...but lacking emotion.

I'm not suggesting that you fill every event with phony "rah-rah"; people see through that in an instant.  I am suggesting that to get your passion correct you must be working on behalf of your consumer...  Think of it, a sales meeting with a focus on meeting customer demands rather than pushing some new silly compensation formula.

Today I get to speak to the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce for a very brief 25 minutes about "No Bull Marketing - 2010".  In that time I hope to share with them what their customers are begging for...an emotional connection that benefits both parties.

Can I get an "Amen"?