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More Than One Tool...

If I asked you to build a house and then handed you a tool box with one successful would you be?Tool box

I didn't think so...   But, that "One Tool Wonder" is something more and more business people think will solve their marketing problems.  It's becoming like the "Holy Grail of Marketing."  "If only I start a Facebook Fan page...then people will flock to my _______." (fill in the blank)  And, it's not just Facebook.  That single tool goes by many names, Business Blog, Twitter, ."LinkedIn, Plaxo, Foursquare....

Not ONE of them is correct...  And the moment somebody suggests that all  you need to do to launch your business is spend a little time and money and get "social" with one or two choices...ask them to leave.

Case in point...

Today I had a long meeting with a California firm that believed all they had to do to interact with customers and perspective customers was start a Facebook Fan Page and the rest would be history. 

  • What would you say?
  • With whom would you connect?
  • Is it the right tool for your demographic?
  • What is the real mission?
  • Who speaks for the company?

"Hmmm, good points", they said.  "We need to think about this."

I hope I left them with the knowledge that SM is simply a tool from the marketing tool box; it is not the "magic bullet".  I hope they understood that there are many SM choices and the tool that works for one business may be a lousy choice for the other.  I hope they listened...and just don't start swinging a'll be an ugly house.