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Sunday Morning Coffee - January 31

My Clients Are Dying...

Sobering thought huh?  That's exactly what I was told earlier this week by a wellCemetary established firm in Des Moines.  "Michael, over the past six months, seven of our clients passed away.  We've got to find a way to replace them."

At least he recognizes the issue.  But is it too late?

They have a couple of options...and if this problem matches your company, so do you

He can choose to spring into action and embrace a number of media opportunities to get his business recognized among a younger demographic or he can rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic. 

One decision will cost him time and money...the other will simply cost him his business.

It's been our experience that panic will set in and for a brief moment they (and perhaps you) will start to consider ways to boost your market share.  But, in the end, the tough decision to move forward with new ideas and new technology will be replaced by a lack of understanding how, a lack of funds and a lack of time.

We hope not.

There is a message here for your business:  You can no longer count on the "old ways" to bring  you clients and customers.  I'm not saying abandon all traditional marketing methods but add to them or at least start to understand your options.  And, if you've gone for years without investing in marketing and advertising and think you can actually grow by keeping your head in the sand.  We've got the sympathy cards ready.


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