Let Your Emotion Loose
Sunday Morning Coffee - January 24, 2010

"Pants on the Ground" - There is a Reason...

It happens every so often.  Somebody does something remarkable and before you know itPants on the ground the "thing" is a national or international mega hit with the public.  That's the way it is with "General" Larry Platt and his now very famous American Idol audition with "Pants on the Ground".

So, why did this connect with people so fast and (might I suggest) so deeply?

Here is a short list and there is a lesson here for marketers:

  • Platt actually "said" what people think, "You look like a fool..."
  • The message was simple;
  • Larry isn't a kid - we've got some "age envy" going on;
  • It's repetitive, easy to understand...think famous ad jingles.

Your "take away" from this is:  Connect with consumers, don't be afraid to say the truth and keep the message simple.

Class dismissed...and thanks General!

Photo: Courtesy of Very Demotivational Posters (Gotta love the idea)


Oh, and just in case you have NO IDEA what the heck I'm talking about, here is the video: