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Sunday Morning Coffee - January 10, 2010

"Serving You Is A Blessing"

My bride spent the past two nights at a Super 8 in Lamoni, Iowa.   That's as far as she made it on Wednesday afternoon coming back to Des Moines from Kansas City.  It wasMr Mrs Chandrakant Raval "white out" conditions on I-35 and with only 75 miles to go she, wisely, made the decision to find shelter and "hunker down". a Super 8?

I know, "any port in the storm"...right?   Only this story is different.

When she arrived, a bit overwhelmed, the man at the front desk, Mr.Raval (pictured with his wife) listened to her story and said, (Now get ready folks...this is over the top.)  "Welcome.  God brought you to us safely and it is a blessing for us to serve you."

Huh?   At a Super 8 a clerk/owner/manager says, "It is a blessing for us to serve you."? 

And, it get's better.  She had no cash with her and she wanted to write a check or use a debit card to get a dollar for the pop machine.  The man reached into his pocket and gave her a dollar bill and then, over a Coke, gave her directions to the store and a nearby pizza place.

So, what if...  What if we all had that in our mind each time we were allowed to provide a service or a sale to somebody?  What if we looked at that new or old relationship as "a blessing"?

What if....