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Sunday Morning Coffee - January 17, 2010

Simple = Success

There are two types of consumers.  One type wants to know everything about the product or service they are about to buy.  The other buys because they want it, need it or are simply motivated to action by another emotional issue.  One plus one

The vast majority fall into the second group.  We buy stuff...with emotion and not a lot of study.

Sure, we may go to the website or read an article to learn "why", but at the moment of purchase, especially for lower priced goods and services...we don't want an education we want what we think, feel, know, believe we want.

Word to the wise:  Simple

Keep packaging - simple.  Keep point of purchase items - simple.  Keep signs - simple.  Keep print, radio and TV ads - simple.  Keep your homepage - simple.  Keep blog posts - simple. 

We're not suggesting vague...but simple.  Give the details on the back of the bag, on a page in the website, in a book, article or lecture. 


Your thoughts?