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Sunday Morning Coffee - January 3

It's a great time to sit back and visit with friends, share a little business but mostly just chatCoffee Cu ps about some interesting things.  We'll get back to the business side tomorrow but for now, let's enjoy a little Sunday Morning please, in this balmy 2 degree weather.

Last week I wrote about firing an "employee".  It must have resonated because traffic to the blog was the heaviest we've seen in some time.  We've got a feeling we're right on this and the vast majority of you agree.  In case you missed is that article.

Love hockey...but watching on TV can leave me cold.  Except this past Friday when NBC US Hockey Jersery broadcast The Winter Classic where the Bruins defeated the Flyers in OT 2 - 1.  What a difference a couple more cameras make.  Good stuff...  Heads up NBC will broadcast the Blackhawks vs. Red Wings game on January 17 at 2PM Central.  Give it a shot?

Another quick hockey item.  They announced the US Olympic Hockey Team after the Winter Classic.  Five team members are from Michigan.  Who would have thunk...

I see there have been "issues" this week in Europe.  Like gunning down young people in Denmark and an attack on an cartoonist in HollandDon't's all in Europe, those things would never happen here.  Oh wait...there was that deal in Texas where 14 US soldiers were murdered.  But, I know, I rush to judgment too quickly.

Hope you had a wonderful New Year's Celebration.  Ours was very tame.  Lot's of conversation (mostly about politics and religion...I am SUCH a hoot to invite to parties) and the lighting of mini-hot air balloons and watching them fly over the farmland near Carlisle, Iowa.  Here is the :60 video...

Later this week we get to host members of the FEMA (Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association) Supplier's Section (folks that make things or provide services for folks that make farm equipment) here in Des Moines.  It will be nice to re-connect following our time in Atlanta last November.

Calendar glasses Have you done it yet?   You know, reserved a url in YOUR NAME?  Sort of like,  Just a tiny might want to get this done.  Seriously...

Did you spend some quality time this weekend thinking about the year ahead?  We did and having a couple of days to write things down, re-think direction and take positive action really helps.  And, for's not too late!  Now, before we get caught up in the the first "Crazy Monday" of 2010 go sit down, with paper and pen...and do some thinking, write down your thoughts and take action, one point at a time.

Great having you here for coffee.  You can join us for our daily, live business radio/tv talk show, Insight on Business.  Here is the show from this past Friday.  You can keep up with us on Twitter @MichaelLibbie and @InsightADV and yep, we're on Facebook.  Have a great Sunday...