My Clients Are Dying...
"Hey Buddy, Can You Spare Five Grand?"

Sunday Morning Coffee - January 31

The end of the month...what they heck happened to January 2010?  Welcome to SundayCoffee Cu ps Morning.  It's that time of the week when we sit down and talk about loads of things.  A little business but also a bunch of other things we might visit about at any coffee shop in the country.  Grab a cup and have a sip of Sunday Morning Coffee...

I was hoping against all hope.  On Friday there was a "tweet" from @GovChetCulver.  It was signed off as, "Chet".  I was hoping it really was the Governor of Iowa and that he had finely decided to start communicating with Iowan's.  But alas...I fear not.  Posts later in the day are once again in the third person.  Here is the deal Governor Culver...  You are a great guy.  You shine when you are among the people.  However, even the Des Moines Register suggests that you are out among us less than former Governor Vilsack and former Governor Branstad.  While I'm not sure of their numbers I can tell you that once you start being YOU and communicating with us you will gain traction and support.  For the life of me I can not understand why your staff ignores one of your biggest assets.  Anybody???  Anybody???

What do you make of this propane deal?  Just wondering.

Ragbrai-2010-color Last night the Des Moines Register held the RAGBRAI announcement party at the Hy-Vee Center in DSM.  There may have been 300 people there.  However, they also broadcast the event over the Internet.  We saw at least 1,400 people logged in to watch The Nadas, learn the route and comment live at the same time. you REALLY think this Social Media Stuff is a fad?   People......get a grip.  It is amazing... Oh, it's from Sioux City to Dubuque.  A great ride.  By the way...The Nadas rock!

Are your customers dying? now what?  Here is part of the answer.

My friend Brent Pohlman recently attended a National Agri-Marketing Association event in Omaha where he spoke about social media.  He said three (3) of the 32 advertising agencies there understood or used social media.  One even said they don't use or recommend social media because, "farmers are on dial-up". I am so grateful for Brent that he went and is attempting to help people understand this form of media.  Usually it is the agencies that give info to business.  This time it's the other way around. 

This past week we've had some major technological issues with our radio station, Des Moines Local...LIVE.  Feeling a bit like Marconi on a daily basis.  We hope by tomorrow we're golden again.  Our guest for Insight on Business on "Metro Monday" is Suzanne Hull of Unemployed in Des Moines...just so you know.Man Doubt

Saw a headline that a family here in Iowa is turning to Oprah to help them re-connect.  Oprah!  Memo to self, "This business about going to religious services is bunk.  Must watch and listen to Oprah..."  Jeszh...  Are we REALLY that screwed up?

Four guys in their 40's decided to go to the Italian restaurant Mama Leos for supper because they waitresses there are "hot"..  In their 50's they go because they serve "heart healthy" meals.  In their 60's they go because the place gives "senior citizen discounts".  In their 70's they go because the place has "wheel-chair ramps".  In their 80's they go because, "Hey, we've never been there before!"  - Thanks to Howard Bernstein of Casa di Vino.

Let's see...who else can I offend...

Oh, guess we've created a "fire-storm" with Mike Lessiter from Farm Equipment Magazine when we were on the air talking about the lousy practices of John Deere.  Some folks who had "bled green" no longer support the industry giant.  Check the story.TRUCK

Six weeks after my son's vehicle was struck in a hit & run the Des Moines Police Department issued a citation to the driver (who of course has no insurance) of the green Jeep Cherokee.  It was tough tracking down the offender...  Well maybe not.  You see they had not only, on the day it happened, a description and a partial plate...  They...uh...also had the address...and of the driver.  Lighting speed....

My bride went south to see our girls...I was left at home to care for the critters..  You see who rates here.

That's it kids...  You can keep up with us on Twitter:  @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV or @RuralLifeRadio.  Have a great rest of your Sunday!