Sunday Morning Coffee - January 24, 2010
Here, Let Me Help You With That...

We Know What We Know...

Last week I was sitting in a room talking about marketing with a perspective new clientFast Food Stand and I said "it".  "It" is the statement we give people about advertising and marketing and "it" goes something like this:

"One other thing for you to consider before we move forward; we know advertising, consumers and marketing.  It's what we do for a living.  We don't build houses, make tractor parts or fry dough...that's the easy stuff.  Our job is to put more eyes and ears on your business.  We do not sell your products or services we enhance them.  We have spent decades perfecting our craft and so when we make a suggestion it's' not a guess."

We've started making that speech because it seems like most business owners think they can build a space station AND market it.  That's usually where they fail.  We're not concerned with work schedules, inventory and sick days (though...some of that does have to do with branding issues).  Our focus is on broadcasting or "narrow-casting" what those business owners make or offer.

And, we're only as good as our last job...

So, what about you?  How do you view marketing and advertising?