Sunday Morning Coffee - January 3
Reading The Tea Leaf

You Owe Me...Nothing

I worked on New Year's Day. (Like many of you..)   I work most every day other thanNo Charge Saturday.  On January 1st we sent out billing statements to our clients.  If you ask them they will tell you that we do not bill for "every minute" we work on their account.  Our clients will find a number of phone calls, research items and work priced  at "no charge". 


It's not that we don't think we're worthy of collecting.  We simply think we are in this "together".

So, on New Year's Day a new account billing passed by my desk.  I wrote on it,  "You owe us nothing".  This ninety minute conversation might be exactly what they need to soar. We'd rather see THAT than than $180. 

You see, we're all in this together.  And when we work together the end result of creating more business by expanding our (or our client's) "digital footprint" everybody wins.

It's not's just stating a fact.  At some point we need to work...together.

What do you think?

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