Sunday Morning Coffee - February 21, 2010
Retail - You Ready For This?

Cutting Down "The Noise"

We're all about making it easier for consumers to connect with our clients.  We're alsoCP Greenwashing ad 1 web passionate about not wasting the consumer's time with advertising and marketing just noise.  Sounds sensible right?

Here is the issue.  Each day we see, hear or read advertising messages that are so full of words that our minds shut down.  'You really think I'm going to read all those reasons why I should buy your product or service?"  While the advertiser believes he/she must give you every reason under the sun to make a purchase and crowds their advertising message with facts and figures the consumer is begging you to...."Stop the noise...please."

It's an interesting paradox.  Who do you satisfy...the business owner/manager or the target CP Greenwashing ad 3 web customer.

We opt for the customer...because if your message isn't different, brief and catches the attention of the consumer then the cost of creative, placement and distribution is...wasted.

That's our take...what's yours?  (Here are some examples of "less is more".  If you like you can click on the images and look at the larger image...)