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Des Moines - New York Times

"Hey...Ma...we made the New York Times!"Woman Newspaper

You might remember my friend Ed Weintrob who was in Des Moines the the Iowa Newspaper Association meeting last month?  He sends regards and an article that appeared in the New York Times about the wonder we know as Des Moines, Iowa.

With the passing of Mr. Ruan this past week and the teacher/restaurant flap going on down at Court Avenue this was a very welcome bit of news.  

We love the fact that the article talks about cooperation.  The farming industry and people willing to get involved and build a city where there was once empty lots.  We think it's cool when other say we "get it" when it comes to developing living areas in the city center rather than let it empty out at 6:00PM. 

We've got our thumbs under our suspenders and smilin' a bit.  So, nothing else friends other than to send this out and let you know how proud we are of our little town.  Maybe you should drop in?