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Public Relations - The Lost Art

Public Relations - The Lost Art

This week another advertising agency professional and I were talking about the many bigMan Doubt and little PR mistakes we've seen over the past five days. they were handled or should have been handled.  They ranged from the GIGANTIC errors Toyota is having to a private conversation I had with a banker about opening up checking accounts.  (No, most banks do not collect a Credit Score before allowing you to open up a checking account.  I called them.)  Oh, and yes, tucked among them was the Des Moines Public School teacher vs. Legends issue, the Homemaker's Furniture customer service issue (that, sadly, they don't even know about) Gov Culver Twitter and the insane way in which Governor Chet Culver's staff is using social media.  It is sooooo bad.  (Staff writes most of his Tweets and they are following a total of 98 people!  98, most of whom are other politicians and media people.  You and I?  Nope.  Go ahead, have a look.)

How can all this stuff go on in a world so connected?   Maybe, as my friend said, "Public Relations has become a lost art."?  Maybe.   Maybe it is too tough to think and to plan and to execute a solid PR campaign.  Maybe the folks who are running the failed campaigns (see above) are not doing their job.  Maybe nobody knows.

Here is your "Tip of the Day".  If you think you are running a solid PR us or any marketing/ public relations expert and ask them, "Hey what do you think?"  Chances'll hear some different ideas and that is good.  Great PR campaigns don't happen in a vacuum.  Ask Toyota...or Tiger.