Cutting Down "The Noise"
Sunday Morning Coffee - February 28, 2010

Retail - You Ready For This?

This Friday (February 26th) I get to speak at a Retail Round-Table for members of the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce about social media.  This should be fun.  



Consider that over the past week there have been dozens of positive...and negative stories about retail facilities broadcast all over the Internet.  Here is just a sample:

And that's just a couple of examples local...and national.

So, our message to my friends the retail members of the Urbandale Chamber will be the echo of my friend Christophe Langlois of London who was on our radio/tv show, Insight on Business this week:  "When you measure the ROI of social media you first must measure the ROI of NOT engaging your customers, your future customers and your employees.  That is the real measure of making a huge mistake."  You rock Christophe!

See you retail folks at 9am.  Come with notepads....