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Sunday Morning Coffee - February 14, 2010

Sunday morning is a great time to gather around our virtual coffee-shop and visit aboutCoffee Cu ps loads of different things.  A little business, a little gossip, a little insight?  Stick around for a bit and have a sip of Sunday Morning Coffee.

I attended a conversion service Friday night for my sister-in-law.  That was very cool.  Welcome to the "Tribe" Esther Ruth...

Dead Meat - Can I be frank with you?   It's the morning of February 14, Valentine's Day, and gentlemen, if you have not purchased the necessary sacrifices for the "Goddess of Love" (and you know who she is) you can escape the "dead Woman Valentines Day meat" status if you act right now!  We're giving you permission to close this edition and GO TO THE STORE...even if it's your local Walgreen's or food center (many are open 24 hours) and GET SOMETHING.  It's been my experience that WHAT is not as important as, "GO GET SOMETHING YOU IDIOT"!    , Trust me, you do not want to unleash the fury of the gods....  You've been warned.

For those of you who did the smart thing and have or are getting ready to lavish the attention of the centuries upon your Valentine...   You rock and may be entitled to live another year.

We're workin' on it.  Over the past two weeks we've been unable to post the audio or the video from the shows on Des Moines Local...LIVE.   I don't know...but, we are working on fixing the problem.  I can tell you this, when we do not have the video or audio for later download it really cuts into our viewer minutes and interaction.  We know that not everybody can drop what they are doing to watch my show, Insight on Business, or the shows of the other 55+ hosts and we're on it.  Honest...

There is a trial going on in tiny Allison, Iowa.  Mark Becker is accused of shooting and killing beloved Parkersburg Coach Ed Thomas in front of members of the school football team.  Of course, Mr. Becker is claiming he is/was nuts.  No kidding...  Here is a brief look at the story from The Des Moines Register.IMG00147

Our son and his bride have been reading to our grand-daughter, Taylor, who celebrated her first birthday on Friday!  How cool is that?  Anyway, this is a page from a book that he says he and Mandi have been reading from...at least every other night for months.  Notice anything strange?  The answer is later in the post. Even published works...like books, can have errors.  Look again...

Ironic...it's snowing (again) here in Des Moines (they tell us we're over 50" for the year) and in Vancouver they are having to truck loads snow to some Winter Olympic sites. 

Michael Gartner, former president and current member of the Iowa Board of Regents, took his board to task regarding their decision to increase tuition at the University of Iowa, Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa.  Bottom line:  This decision was "the easy" way to deal with fiscal issues, not the smart one. A good read and here you go!

National-Farm-Machinery-Show-2009-logo I found it odd that with dozens of media types at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville last week there was no TweetUp.  It was talked about...but nobody took the lead.  That's kind of too bad...cause it would have been...news.  If only I'd have been there?

Update from last week:  I mentioned that we had been trying to catch Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie for a visit regarding a way to infuse some positive environmental changes in the way the city deals with its parks and turf.  You know...a way to avoid pouring more chemicals on city property.  We made progress...he called.  And, this will be exciting if we can get it all done.  We'll share more down the way.

From Taylor's book:  It's not "Eggplant" it reads, "EggLant". 

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