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Sunday Morning Coffee - February 21, 2010

Sunday Morning...let's sit down and share some stories, ideas and heck...just a visit over aCoffee Cu ps hot cup.  Welcome to Sunday Morning Coffee...not much business just a chat between friends.  And, as always, we're interested in what you have to fee free to join in.

We've always known this about video...but we've not found the time, or the motivation, to do it for ourselves. (excuses)  That all changed this past week when we carried the "Hair In My Salad" story about teacher Marsha Richards and restaurant owner Mark Rogers.  On the way out of the Des Moines Local...LIVE studio I thought, "Gee, Legends American Grill (that "hairy place on Court Avenue" is just a block away.  Why not do a location shot to augment the radio/tv Show Page?"  That, plus the story, helped boosted our readership and click through rate like crazy.  Using video on your blogs or website yet?Lindsey Vonn  

Yes, we think Lindsey Vonn is hot.   Even with ski goggles, a helmet as big as a pumpkin and what seems like five inches of padding.  OK...we said it.

We've been watching the Winter Olympics each night and, for us, there seems to be a reality about the winter games we don't get with the summer games.  Not only are these athletes amazing but the mixture of speed and hard surfaces like snow and ice make for some dramatic television.  And...loads of folks agree.  For the first time in six years American Idol was knocked off the top spot for Wednesday nights.  The Olympics had 30.1 million viewers while Idol came in with 18.6.  You seem to like it too.

Medical marijuniaI remember moving to Iowa in 1979.  We had to buy wine at a State Owned Liquor Store that had all of the charm of a crack in the sidewalk.  It was a "control" issue.  This past week the Iowa Board of Pharmacy, on a vote of 6 to 0, recommended to the Iowa Legislature that medical marijuana be re-classified opening up its use in the state.  Can you spell evolution?

A shout out for Rural Economic Development and our friend Jason White at the Midwest Partnership.  Folks worry about all this consolidation talk.  You know, combine services to save budgets but still get the job done.  Here is a success story.

Did you hear that Iowa Brewers(think beer not baseball) want the Iowa Legislature to adjust a 90 year law to allow higher alcohol content in beer?  You can "sell" it in Iowa...just can't make it.

Awkward?  This past week I was in a business meeting that went south.  The person doing the presenting simply excused himself from the meeting after the perspective client offered one or two "stalls" to the buy.  I'd never seen anything like it.  After fifteen minutes the presenter simply stood up, said he had to go and left the other guys card on the table.  Three things to do when you get a "stall" during the conversation:

  • Keep your cool and let the perspective client talk it out.  Chances are they will figure it out and realize it is a stall.
  • Use the language of the stall to turn it around but answer the concern.
  • It's not a personal is simply a stall...don't go nuts and make an enemy.

Todd Razor Web Coming up tomorrow on our radio/tv show, Insight on Business, it's Todd Razor (photo on the left) from the Des Moines Business Record.  Lots of things to throw at Todd on a Metro Monday...join us live at 12:30PM Central.

Only ten more inches of snow and Des Moines will match the record snow winter of 1912 - 1913 at 72".  We can hardly wait....oh my!

I can't explain it...  We sent Valentine's Day Cards to our grand-children in St. Joseph, Missouri on the same day.  One arrived in two days the other took twelve.  Anybody?

Back to local media:  Our friend, Paul Yeager from Iowa Public Television (shown herePaul Yeager relaxing in the living room working in the "Living Room" of our Des Moines Local...LIVE studio) and his show, The Iowa Journal are taking another look at Social Media.  Last year Mike Templeton and I appeared on the show to discuss SM and it's impact on business.  Paul is looking for Iowa folks who have seen marked improvement in their brand and sales to come on and talk about it.  We're game my friend. 2009/2010 for Social Media may be the year we remove the word "social" from the mix and simply call it...."Media".  It's that strong.

It's early on Sunday and I've got tons of work to do for a client this morning.  We're putting together a co-op advertising program to help them...and their dealers get noticed in several parts of the country.  The client has never ventured into this area...should be interesting as we attempt to build brand.

Tomorrow - How to get your point across in print...without using loads of words.  Thanks for coming by.  You can follow us on Twitter:  @MichaelLibbie (personal & business), @InsightADV (business baby) or @RuralLifeRadio (our love for all things rural.)  Have a great day...


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