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Sunday Morning Coffee - February 28, 2010

That was fast...  February.   Anybody else with me on that one?  The month skated right past...  Welcome to Sunday Morning Coffee.  Not a lot of business just some observations and a visit over a hot cup.  And, as always, I'm interested in your take.  So...let's get at it:Country Vet Booth

Today concludes Pheasant Fest, being held at Hy-Vee Hall in the Iowa Events Center.  By the end of the day Brad Heidel and our friends from Pheasants Forever will have put about 30,000 people through the displays and seminars.  But you might not be able to spot them...the favorite gear seems to be something in soft shades of cammo.  If you go today...stop by the Country Vet Pet Food booth and say "howdy" to the crew.  Dang...nice looking booth!

Our friend Dave Funk has his campaign booth at the show.  Not a bad to your friends.

J_Narcisse Speaking of politics:  You know we tend to steer clear of that...there are enough "talking heads" out there...but couldn't let this one pass by:  Jonathan Narcisse, my flame throwing friend, will challenge Governor Chet Culver in the Democratic primary this summer.  The first time a sitting Iowa Governor has been challenged since 1994.  Jonathan will not win...however that isn't the end game.  My sense is that he's always wanted to run as an Independent a very, very conservative Independent.  Narcisse is associated with Adam Steen of 25 Connections who's father, Tom Steen, is the COO of the Iowa Family Policy Center .   In tuning up a statewide primary race Narcisse will get some press and practice for the November General Election.  All of which will hamper the Republican nominee (Terry Branstad) by siphoning off votes from Christian/Economic Conservatives and Chet will be re-elected.  Go ahead, write it down someplace...we'll see. (Photo:  Des Moines Register)

How about the US Hockey Olympic Team!  We'll play Canada for the Gold this afternoon with NBC coverage starting at 2PM Central.   My butt will be in the chair watching. Personal Purim Party?

Belong to a local Chamber of Commerce?  What has your chamber done for your business to help you thrive in this economy...cut a ribbon?  The Urbandale Chamber does that...and more.  This past Friday morning they held a Retail Round-table where members came and learned more about government, Website SEO, HR and Social Media/Marketing (me).  Each person got some "hands on help".  Now THAT my friends is helping members learn so they can they can pay their dues.  CUDOS to the leadership...I'm looking forward to the next group...  Sales?  Banking?  Stay tuned.Cafe di Scala

What a difference a response makes.  On our show, Insight on Business, tomorrow during Metro Monday we'll talk about the swift reaction and help Cafe di Scala received from their Twitter Friends after a "Tweep" said she received poor service.  Very different from the Legends Story of two weeks ago.  How social media can help save your business...tomorrow at 12:30PM Central.

We're more connected than we know...  When news got out yesterday about the earthquake in Chile and the fear of tsunami issues across the Pacific it was Twitter and the Internet that had the story.  Local TV and Radio?...nada.  Local radio was too busy airing syndicated shows. 

At a time when some business leaders are folding...a new business in the form of a magazine comes to Des Moines.  The Pet Enthusiast opens up shop and taps an under-served market with a great look...  We'll talk with Holly Hartling about her move to the magazine world during Insight on Business...part of Des Moines Local...LIVE, Monday afternoon.

Frank Cownie Thank you Mayor Frank Cownie.  We had a great meeting with Mayor Cownie (photo) this past week.  His ability to know, really know and understand the economics of sound environmental world class.  Des Moines is fortunate because this is a critical reality of our time and he "gets it".

I recently re-connected with my good friend Gale McKinney from Twin Rivers Media.  It's been a very, very long time since we've put our heads together and created great stuff.  More to come?  Hope so...

Nuf?   OK...pushing this out the door.  Have a great Sunday...and don't forget the hockey game this afternoon.....  Start the chant...  USA, USA, USA...

You can keep up with me on Twitter:  @MichaelLibbie (personal and business) or @InsightADV (business baby) or @RuralLifeRadio (our love for everything...rural)  Thanks for coming by...  Hey, have you read The Des Moines Register yet?