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Sunday Morning Coffee - February 14, 2010

Why Super Bowl Ads...Don't Sell Stuff

Three days following the Super Bowl, that had the highest viewers of any TV show at 106.5 million viewers, people are still talking about the ads. (Sidebar:  By the way the former viewer Betty White Snickers winner was the season finale of M*A*S*H that held the record for nearly thirty years.)  But do the ads make you go buy the stuff they are hawking?  After all, that's the reason...right?

The answer, for both questions

Here's the deal:  The ads, which are meant for entertainment, are done in such an outlandish way so you and I talk about them.  That is the reason we remember the Mars Candy Company Snickers ad, that's why we are still talking about the Dorietos ads...and that's why we've already forgotten the Googlead.  You see, the Super Bowl is a grand show and the ads that are in the show must equal its entertainment value or...they are forgotten.  Bet you didn't rush out on Monday and buy bags of Snickers or Doretos...right?

We call that product awareness...not selling.

Two other things about the ads this past Sunday.  Did you notice the lack of Social Media connection?  We can't remember one ad that asked this high viewer-ship to follow them on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.  Maybe because we already were?

And, remember...the job of an ad...any not to actually SELL...  People still do that and while that great ad helps with product awareness and gains your interest.  You get my point.

Thanks for reading!